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Virtual Eid Countdown Kit

Virtual Eid Countdown Kit

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This compact version of our best selling Eid Countdown Kit is available to download in your home, as we virtually countdown to Eid together along with 16 other Instagram bloggers.

The printable pack includes our original, colorful grid displaying 'words of the day' - words describing exemplary qualities to illustrate the essence of Ramadan. It also includes an original illustration, inspired by rainbows and rainbow hearts in people's homes, which have become the symbol of optimism, during these difficult times. Once cut in a grid, it will become a complete puzzle by the 30th day. 

The idea is to discuss the word of the day with your child by using the activities included and by following along online everyday. *please note the 2021 online story hop will be different in sequence as shown in the included calendar.*

As the day ends, replace the grid square with the corresponding piece of the puzzle for an interactive family activity. The pack also includes a colorful buntingPunch holes in each flag, string each flag every alternate day, spelling out 'Eid Mubarak' by the end.  Five paper activities enforce the word of the day.

Use thumbtacks to pin your grid up, tape it to the wall or hang it on string with clothespins. Create your own Ramadan Advent Calendar!

Online, each blogger will be discussing the word of the day and you can follow the Craft.it.Kit Instagram page for more Ramadan themed arts and crafts activities. Begins on day 1 of Ramadan, with online engagement every other day.

To parents: in order to keep a surprise element for the kids, do not show them the print outs of the 'Grid Puzzle Pg1 & Pg 2' files. As the days go by, you can hand them the one piece of the puzzle corresponding to the day. By the end of the 30 days they will have competed the full puzzle.

Please note: concept and all design (unless otherwise noted) is copyrighted by Craft It Kit with all rights reserved. The printables are for personal use only. You are not permitted to forward the files to a third party. Editing and use for commercial distribution is not permitted.


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