***Check back soon for new products in 2021***

sock'er mom


The sock studio and sock'er mom are our newest product lines of creative socks. The sock studio caters to adults, while sock'er mom is a range designed for children.

At sock'er mom, we are fans of imagination!  Our aim is to make the mundane creative and cheery, while putting a smile on your little ones' faces! After all, giant leaps come from the tiniest of steps!

Socks are meticulously designed in house and manufactured by Soxlinks, Pakistan. These premium socks are manufactured with high quality combed cotton, which is breathable and lightweight. A touch of spandex and nylon provide the optimum stretch.  They are coated with an odor-resistant anti-microbial agent, an anti-pilling chemical for lasting quality, along with an anti-static finish for extra comfort.