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Eid Feasting Kit - Adults

Eid Feasting Kit - Adults

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The 'Eid Feasting Kit' is a box of artisanal chocolates available for purchase this Eid, exclusive to residents in Toronto.

Everyone loves chocolate and Eid is certainly an occasion when we should all be able to enjoy some delicious, handcrafted dessert! We have collaborated with Imran Noorani, a Toronto based Chocolatier, to bring you this box of 4 mini, unique chocolates, packed with quintessential Eid flavors from the Sub Continent and Middle East.

The flavors of the Eid chocolates are as follow:

1. White Chocolate with saffron and pistachio.
2. Milk Chocolate with chai, cardamom, cinnamon and crunchy biscuit.
3. White Chocolate with notes of various spices.
4. Milk Chocolate with cardamom and pistachio.

For Toronto residents, we offer free pick up at two locations on two dates. Choose pick up as preferred method of shipping at checkout. For large orders, please email us for delivery options. Last day to order is : May 31st.

More information on Imran and his handcrafted chocolate below.

About Imran Noorani:

With a passion for many foods, Imran is a professionally trained Chocolatier from George Brown College in Toronto. His specialties lie in chocolate sculptures, savory chocolate foods, and at the intersection of spice and confections. His work can regularly be found at various chocolate festivals including the 'The Chocolate Ball' and the 'Luxury Chocolate Festival' held in Toronto.

About our Chocolate:

Our chocolates are high quality couverture chocolates, made up of the finest cocoa beans, only pure cocoa butter, natural vanilla beans, sugar and soy lecithin (our natural occurring emulsifier). There are no nasties or preservatives and we don't use vegetable or palm oil substitutes to trick your taste buds. Please be advised that some chocolate contains nuts, and thus all chocolates in this package have come in contact with nuts.